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Designing a unified vision for a better future

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Our Vision

What are Cloud Apps?

Cloud Apps unifies the vision of our fibre-optic sensing technology and breath-sensing products as part of a canvas for the smart and seamless integration of progressive technology and healthcare data that can be stored and computed within the cloud environment and accessed by a suite of apps. We designed the Wellness Sensor Gateway, a device that aggregates all healthcare data from personal wellness sensors through wireless technology and feeds it to our cloud storage provider, ensuring a complete and up-to-date picture of your wellness status.

Our Vision

caregivers, anywhere

We want to help caregivers who wear multiple hats, whether at home or in the hospital, with a flow of vital information through wireless connectivity.

Our Vision

Reassuring patients, inspiring confidence

Our confidence in monitoring a patient’s breathing rate and sleep patterns is boosted with the ability to provide both patients and doctors with live, on-hand access to information to make key decisions fast.

Our Vision

the human value

At the heart of what we do is the motivation to apply the best of technology and engineering to better humankind.