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A suite of tools to empower caregiversand improve the quality of life for seniors

We approach eldercare motivated by compassion and a desire to create a better process of care, starting from home. Building on our achievements in infant breath sensing, we are further developing our BreathOpticsTM technology to monitor seniors and empower their caregivers at home.

Our Vision

Empowering caregivers at home

We want to ease the burden of caregivers at home, who work round the clock tending to an elder loved one. Eldercare monitoring detects any breathing distress in immobile seniors and feeds the caregiver with a flow of vital information through wireless connectivity, giving him or her space to attend to other household needs.

Our Vision

Improving end-of-life care

With the non-invasive monitoring of a patient’s breath rate, the convenience of smartphone apps and a complementary spectrum of healthcare devices, we aim to provide a holistic overview of an elder’s wellness and assure caregivers they are in good hands.

Our Vision

Reassuring adult sleep apnea patients

Turning the spotlight on adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a common sleep disorder where breathing is briefly and repeatedly interrupted, we are able to confidently monitor breathing rate and movement patterns during sleep pre and post-corrective surgery periods.

Case Study

Eldercare for hospices

Hospices often face nurse-patient ratios that are less than desirable. In such an environment where healthcare workers have to attend to a number of bed-bound patients at the end-of-life, the application of adult bed sensors to monitor a patient’s respiratory signs can improve the care experience for patients, while support from a host of smart technologies can ease the pressure on healthcare workers and enhance their workflow.